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Select Cut and Small Tract Timber Cutting Operations

Would you like to have your trees removed and put money back in your pocket! In addition to our normal tree service operations, Affordable Tree Removals also offers land owners the ability to harvest merchantable timber from their property and pay them a percentage back from the sale of that timber. Affordable Tree Removals was founded on knowledge and experience originally gained in the logging industry over 30 years ago, and that knowledge and experience is what allows us to offer these additional operations to our clients today. Basically, Affordable Tree Removals will cut your merchantable timber, transport that timber to a timber buyer or saw mill, or have a regional timber purchaser come to the job site to purchase the cut timber in question. We then pay the landowner a percentage of the profit from the timber sale.


What we offer isn’t just money back in your pocket for cutting your timber…since Affordable Tree Removals is a fully insured residential and commercial tree service we also have the skill, experience, and equipment necessary to remove dangerous and unwanted trees from your property as well. Those are the trees in particular that most logging companies will not remove. Also, because we do small tract and selective timer cutting we do not use the larger more aggressive machinery usually associated with the logging industry. This along with our experience allows us to selectively cut only the trees ready for profitable harvesting without destroying the landscape in the process. If you’re interested we will be glad to look over the timber on your property for an evaluation to determine if our timber cutting operations are an option for you, and as always this evaluation is free of charge.  

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